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Specializing in exceptionally bred Great Danes, with temperament as top priority.  All my dogs are my family, each and everyone is cared for and handled by me personally with the generous help of my niece and my retired parents who are dedicated puppy huggers.

We live on a spacious ten acres near Onalaska Washington, with generous runs and private shelters for each dog or mating pair.  My girls whelp in a heated barn on bedding that is changed constantly it seems. If you haven't ever tried keeping up with a litter of 10-12 puppies (let alone three litters) you should try it sometime! It keeps you in shape.

So if I'm a little slow in getting back to you or don't get as many special angle pictures as you had hoped please forgive me I do keep very busy all day running between my dogs, my farm chores, visiting the vet, driving to the airport, and answering the phone. I will however do my best to help you pick the puppy that will best fit your family.

My puppies never having been on carpet (to learn bad habits) so are easy to potty train with puppy pads or newspaper. They are raised to know that dirt is where you are supposed to go.

If you provided them with a nice dirt area outback they won’t potty on the grass either.

My retired dogs stay with me I don't pawn them off like most breeders. I have made allot of friends in the Great Dane world, but unfortunately it also seems there are several breeders who feel threatened by me offering my puppies for reasonable, instead of absorbed prices. I think owning a Great Dane is wonderful, and should be an attainable goal for those ready to open there homes and hearts to a giant (yes sometimes slobbery) lap dog...

For me raising Great Danes is a love affair and a dream come true, it is not about money (you won’t make money breeding dogs no matter what anyone tells you, although I think my vet and the feed store are getting rich) raising Great Danes is about sharing that love for the breed.

There truly is no other breed quite like the Great Dane, and I know you've heard it before but they are like Oreo cookies you can’t have just one! Especially with all the neat colors they come in...

Stud Service Contract

Stud AKC #____________________________                 Micro Chip #________________

Dam AKC #____________________________                 Micro Chip #________________

The agreement herein, by and between___Wayne Kiser__________________________________ of

_Dreamcatcher Great Danes__ Kennel (hereafter seller), and _______________________________

of  _______________________________ Kennel (hereafter buyer) is a legal binding contract,

entered into on this _________________ 201 .

The above named parties agree to the following terms and condition:

Seller agrees to provide (circle one) fresh / frozen / cooled semen / live coverage from one

colored male Great Dane registered as ;

In return buyer agrees to pay the sum of $ for breeding fees;

Seller agrees to a second breeding at no charge if a live litter is not produced from this breeding;

Furthermore seller agrees in the case of live coverage to board female Great Dane at no extra charge for

days, thereafter the boarding fee of ________ will be charged (circle one) daily / weekly / monthly;

Buyer agrees to hold seller harmless in the case of accident or illness while the female and/or buyer are on

sellers property for the purpose of breeding services;

Furthermore buyer agrees to pay all transfer and transportation fees to transport the desired female for

live service and/or the collection and transportation fees for artificial collection and insemination by the

above stated male;

The above stated female must be up to date on all shots including Rabies and be in good health with proof

provided in written form and signed off by a licensed Washington State Vet, as well as proof of negative

Brucella Canine Screen between 3 to 4 weeks prior to the actual breeding.

We the undersigned do hereby with understanding and clearness of mind agree to the above stated terms

and conditions.

Seller Signature:_________________________ Date:_______________________

Address___152 Smokey Ridge Rd________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip__Onalaska, Washington 98570______________________________________________________


Email___ Waynekiser6@aol.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> Waynekiser6@aol.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. __________________________


Buyer Signature:__________________________ Date ____________________


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