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Hi there wayne,

i just thought i would update you on dakota. hes growing so much! hes a great dog. we recommend everyone over to you. Hes now 6 1/2 months old. completely housebroken, does pretty good with the kids. Hes such a sweetie. Thank you again! This is our first great dane and we decided on a dane after meeting with you and  seeing all of your babies! thank you for the lifetime of education! i dont think we will ever get any other breed. Dakota is so spoiled. He sleeps in the house and has his own couch! thanks again so much wayne!!

Nate, Kristina, Hailey, Jaekin, Junior, Hudson and of course Dakota!!!


Dakota was 7 months old on the day he passed away from a tragic accident. we loved him and miss him terribly. He will always have a place in our hearts! Forever Young..... RIP Dakota.... Love mom and dad sister and brothers!

Thanks again... Kristina and Nate


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