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This agreement, made on the ________________  201 _, between Wayne Kiser of Dreamcatcher Ranch (Seller), and the buyer(s) listed below, is a binding contract.


With the following description:

GENDER: Male     Female

BORN: ______________________

COLOR:  Fawn      Harlequin    Mantle    Piebald      Merle     Blue       Brindle     Fawnquin     Merlequin      Brindlequin    Black 

Microchip #: _________________________________

Out of the following parents:

DAM: ________________________________________ Registry/#:___________________________________

Color: _________________________Height: ___________________________Weight:___________________

SIRE:________________________________________ Registry/#:___________________________________

Color:_________________________ Height:___________________________ Weight:___________________

BREEDER:____________________________________ Kennel:_____________________________________

With the following Guarantees:


Seller certifies that this dog is registered/eligible with the following reputable Canine Registry:_________________

Under the name of:________________________________ , registration or litter number:___________________ ;


The following special terms apply: _______________________________________________________________

Otherwise the Seller certifies that this dog is, to the best of his knowledge, healthy at the time of sale. Vaccination and de-worming records are provided reverse by the Seller.

All Dreamcatcher dogs/puppies have been microchipped at weaning as required by USDA. Buyer is required to have the puppy/dog examined by a state licensed veterinarian within three (3) days of purchase for health warranty to be valid.   If upon examination your veterinarian finds that said puppy is not in good health, and is unable to be medically treated, the Buyer must notify the Seller;  Buyer shall then return the puppy to the Seller (at buyers cost) with all of the veterinarian documentation and registration paperwork; Seller will have the puppy quarantined, and examined (at buyers cost) by a local licensed veterinarian of sellers choice, under no circumstance is puppy to be brought back to Sellers property. If upon examination by our local vet he/she agrees with your vet's findings the puppy will be replaced with the next available equal value puppy;

Dreamcatcher Ranch will replace a puppy one time only. Buyer is responsible for all shipping, Health Cert, carrier, vet examination, and quarantine fees of original and replacement puppy. Replacements will not be offered without return of original puppy alive or within 48 hrs of death for local examination.

Seller does not guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes that we cannot control once the puppy leaves our care; therefore our guarantee does not cover; hypoglycemia, parasites, giardia, viral or bacterial infections.  We do not guarantee against parvo, coccidiosis, distemper, mycoplasma, brucelosis, or corona virus because these are highly contagious disease that can be contracted immediately upon leaving our property including in transit.

If within a year from date of birth, your puppy has been diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian to have a life threatening genetic defect** he/she may be returned to the seller. We will arrange for  transportation back (at your cost), quarantine the puppy/dog for twelve days and have it examined during that time by our veterinarian, if our vet does agree the puppy has a life threatening defect seller will give buyer half off the current list price of a suitable replacement of equal value.

Your puppy will lose the immunity it received from its mother's milk at around the age of 6 weeks. It is imperative that your puppy receives its entire series of vaccinations before leaving the safety of your yard. You are strongly cautioned against the temptation to take your puppy to the park, baseball field, soccer field, etc… where it could potentially contract a deadly disease that could be very detrimental to its health, as well as very costly to you.  When you take your new puppy to the Vet, it is very important to hold your puppy in your arms. A Vet sees sick dogs all day long and sick dogs can make your puppy sick.

Hip Displasia is a disease of the canine hip joint occurring primarily in large breed dogs. Although genetics is a factor in Hip Displasia, nutrition is also a major contributing factor.  While we strive to use only healthy adult dogs as parents, we do not offer a hip guarantee on your puppy because there are to many instances outside our control once the puppy leaves our care that can attribute to hip problems.  Your Great Dane puppy does not need a puppy or growth formula food. These foods typically contain too much fat and protein for a Great Dane puppy that is slower growing than a small breed.  I strongly suggest Kirkland's Chicken with Rice from Costco, or Diamond brand adult lamb and rice.

Canine Demodectic (Demodex) Mange is caused by a lowered genetic immunity known to be prevalent in all breeds of blue coat colored dogs. We strongly suggest researching this condition before buying a blue great dane. By signing this contract you are acknowledging the chance that your blue puppy may at some time develop this condition and while it is considered to be genetic it is treatable therefore not considered a life threatening defect for the purposes of this warranty.

While every effort is made to ensure our dogs are bred from proven bloodlines, no guarantee is given to the temperament, conformation, adult size, or breeding ability of any puppy. This contract is non-transferable and is only valid when the original two parties are involved.

** Life threatening defects do not include accidents, seizures, mange, chriptoidism, health conditions caused by improper care, or communicable dieses such as Parvo, Rabies, Brucellosis, mycoplasma, hypoglycemia, or coccidia expressly excluding any items listed as special terms above. All medical and/or rehabilitation bills incurred for this puppy/dog are the responsibility of the owner and will not be refunded by the seller. Written notice of prognosis or autopsy results must be submitted to seller by two separate licensed veterinarians (separate offices, and phone numbers MUST be included) at the expense of the buyer for warranty to be honored.

Full Sales Price:$____________________ Puppy must be paid in full by 6 weeks of age regardless of age it will be when it goes to its new home

Deposit               _____________________  paid on:__________________________ . (Non refundable)

Shipping fee:     _____________________  paid on: __________________________  (Non refundable)

Balance:            _____________________  paid on: __________________________


This contract is a legal instrument and supersedes all previous agreements whether verbal or written, and is governed by the state of Washington. All legal disputes to this contract must be addressed within the courts of the state of Washington.

The undersigned buyer hereby acknowledges having read the terms of the contract and does hereby agree to abide by each of the provisions set forth above and the full sales price listed above.

SELLER:___Wayne Kiser  (Dreamcatcher Ranch)___________________________________

Address___152 Smokey Ridge Rd_____City, State, Zip__Onalaska, Washington  98570____

Phone___360-262-4125__________________Email___ Waynekiser6@aol.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. __________________


Signature Seller:____________________________________ Date:______________________





Address___________________________City, State, Zip_______________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________


Signature Buyer: ___________________________________ Date: _______________________



Recent medical care given while in the care of the seller:




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Date:                                                                Type:

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