Specializing in AKC Great Danes and, Jersey Dairy Cows.

Here at Dreamcatcher's Ranch we've work very hard to provide healthy pups.

Healthy pups start with healthy parents. We want to keep our dams, Sires & puppies as natural as possible. We believe in natural supplements & health care to keep our animals healthy along with our traditional veterinary care when needed.

Our wonderful veterinarian comes right to our ranch as needed to check on mothers and do the puppies health checkups.

Once weaned our puppies are raised in spacious runs with plenty of room to run, and play with other puppies of similar age. Most importantly though they learn to potty on dirt. It is a proven fact puppies weaned on linoleum, cement, gravel, or newspaper will seek out those mediums to potty on for the rest of thier lives. AKA: your kitchen floor, sidewalk, or important papers. Puppies weaned onto dirt are by far easier to house train because they want to go out and potty on the dirt. This also makes teaching them to go only in a certain part of your yard (not the grass) easier.

We are always learning more safe, natural and effective ways to produce our very best and easiest to train puppies.

Feel free to browse dreamcatcherdanes.com and see pictures of all our beautiful, healthy great danes, and dairy cows, as well as references given by satisfied buyers.

Best Friend's

Nicky and Sweetbaby were my Babies, they slept with me on my king size bed every night. I will miss them lots. It seems so lonely without them. Both would follow me around the ranch all day long.

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